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March 3rd, 2007

St. James Winery is excited to announce plans for expansion of their present tasting room and gift shop renovations to be completed by June 1, 2007. Located on the old Route 66, St. James Winery attracts thousands of tourists a month to their present location just 90 miles west of St. Louis, MO, on Interstate 44. Rodney Lough, General Manager of St. James Winery, said, “Our expansion is to satisfy a growing need for a larger tasting room and gift shop carrying unique and wine-related merchandise as demanded by our clientele”. The present structure, erected in 1972 with several additions and renovations since then, has served the winery and its clientele well; however with the ever increasing tourism to wineries from individuals and charter bus lines, the time was right for this expansion. Total square footage in the tasting room and the retail gift shop will approach 10,000 square feet. With the expansion comes a total renovation of the interior of the present structure unifying an entirely new look. With high-beamed ceilings, custom ceramic tiling and special woodworking in the tasting bar areas, the new look will more closely resemble the “feel” of what the consumer has grown to expect when visiting a winery. While exact figures as to the cost of the expansion are unavailable, budgeted funds have been closely scrutinized to provide the maximum aesthetic value. One of the first signs of the expansion was the removal of the 58-foot front sign. Present plans call for the reconstruction of the sign to the east of the winery to include “the grapes” that have become a brand for those passing by after exterior construction has been completed. Additional paved parking will also be included in this expansion. With over 2,000 awards to date, St. James Winery was named by Wine Business Monthly Magazine, February 2006, as the Number 4 Hottest Small Brand of 2005. St. James Winery has surpassed all other wineries, not only in Missouri, but in the entire 12 state Midwest region in terms of case volume and is in the top ten most awarded wineries in the United States. St. James Winery is owned and operated by the Hofherr Family since 1970, conveniently located on Interstate 44, on Old Historic Route 66, only 90 miles southwest of St. Louis, Missouri in St. James, Missouri. With over 700 miles of vines in Missouri, Arkansas, and Michigan, no other winery in the Eastern United States utilizes such state of the art technology from the vineyards to the bottling room as St. James Winery bringing you consistent, quality, vintages for your enjoyment. St. James Winery, “Award-Winning Wines from America’s Midwest Winery” with over 2,000+ medals awarded to date is distributed in nine states presently and available on-line at www.StJamesWinery.com CONTACT: Jackson L. Bonar National Marketing Director Telephone: 800.280.9463 Email: Jack@StJamesWinery.com



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