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Chambourcin Wine

About the Chambourcin Wine Grape

Chambourcin is a French/American hybrid. This variety is of unknown parentage and can produce wines of light to medium body with fruity aromas, cherry and earthy/spicy complexities. Chambourcin goes well with barbecue, pork, and grilled dishes.

Typical Styles of Chambourcin

Dry, semi-dry



Chambourcin Wine Grapes on the Vine


Chambourcin Wine Produced in Missouri

7C's Winery Branding Iron Red Dry Ozark Mountain
Artesian Springs Winery Shameless Chambourcin Dry Ozark Mountain
Artesian Springs Winery Captain Pluto Semi-Dry Ozark Mountain
Artesian Springs Winery Wasted Days Rose' Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Augusta Winery Chambourcin Dry Augusta
Augusta Winery Estate Bottled Chambourcin Dry Augusta
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Chambourcin Dry Central
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Chambourcin Reserve Dry Hermann
Bias Vineyards & Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery Chambourcin Dry Hermann
Blumenhof Vineyards Chambourcin Dry Augusta
Blumenhof Vineyards Winegarden Rose Dry Augusta
Bommarito Estate Almond Tree Winery Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Hermann
Buck Mountain Winery & Vineyard Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Cave Vineyard Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Chandler Hill Vineyards Old Bridge Dry Augusta
Charleville Vineyards 2007 Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Charleville Vineyards Angelique Guyon Semi-Sweet Southeast
Charleville Vineyards Lakota Red Sweet Southeast
Chaumette Winery 2009 Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Cooper's Oak Winery 2008 Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Central
Crown Valley Champagne House Chambourcin Sweet Southeast
Crown Valley Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Durso Hills Vineyard & Winery Chambourcin Sweet Southeast
Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery Reserve Chambourcin Dry Western
Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery Missouri Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Western
Heinrichshaus Vineyard & Winery Chambourcin Semi-Dry Ozark Highlands
Hemman Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Hermannhof Winery Chambourcin Semi-Dry Hermann
Hunter Valley Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Hunter Valley Winery White Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Indian Creek Winery Heavenridge Semi-Dry Central
Indian Hills Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Indian Hills Winery Sweet's Cabin Sweet Southeast
Indian Hills Winery Mingo Sunrise Sweet Southeast
Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
Le Cave Vineyards Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Le Cave Vineyards 2008 Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Ozark Mountain
Le Cave Vineyards Chambourcin Port Port Ozark Mountain
Montelle Winery Chambourcin Dry Augusta
Montserrat Vineyards Tramonto Semi-Dry Western
Native Stone Winery Estate Bottled Chambourcin Dry Central
New Oak Vineyards Chambourcin Semi-Dry Western
OakGlenn Vineyards & Winery Chambourcin Semi-Dry Hermann
Ozark Creek Winery Chambourcin Grape Semi-Dry Ozark Mountain
Peaceful Bend Vineyard Yadkin Creek Semi-Dry Ozark Highlands
Pirtle Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
Red Fox Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
River Ridge Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
River Ridge Winery Dessert Chambourcin Sweet Southeast
Riverwood Winery Radiant Red Dry Western
Riverwood Winery Riverwood Reserve Chambourcin Dry Western
Riverwood Winery Sweet-Tempered Red Sweet Western
Riverwood Winery Chambourcin Port Western
Riverwood Winery Red Eminence Port Western
St. Francois Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
St. James Winery Chambourcin Dry Ozark Highlands
Stone Hill Winery Chambourcin Dry Hermann
Stone Hill Winery - Branson Chambourcin Dry Ozark Mountain
Stone Hill Winery - New Florence Chambourcin Dry Hermann
Stonehaus Farms Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
Sugar Creek Winery & Vineyards Chambourcin Semi-Dry Augusta
Summit Lake Winery Rose Semi-Dry Central
Terre Beau Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
Thousand Oaks Winery & Vineyard Indian Summer Dry Southeast
Thousand Oaks Winery & Vineyard 2007 Ozark Medley Dry Southeast
Thousand Oaks Winery & Vineyard 2008 Afterglow Sweet Southeast
Three Trails Winery Chambourcin Semi-Sweet Western
Tower Rock Winery Chambourcin Semi-Dry Southeast
Traver Home Winery Chambourcin Dry Ozark Highlands
Twin Oaks Vineyard Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Van Till Family Farm Winery Chambourcin Dry Western
Vance Vineyards & Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
Villa Antonio Winery Chambourcin Dry Southeast
West Winery 107 Vine Chambourcin Dry Central
White Rose Winery Chambourcin Dry Ozark Mountain
Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery Chambourcin Dry Augusta



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